Under the National Rural Livelihoods Mission "Bihan", bhumgadi mahila krushak producer company limited Bastanar has been formed under the Value Chain Project in distict with 5500 women farmers in about 168 villages of Bastar, Bakavand, Bastanar, Narayanpur, Bhanupratappur in 3 districts of Bastar Division. The group is formed by marketing and selling maize, tamarind, amchur, kodo, kutki, ragi, tikhur, turmeric, cashew, urad. In which the market is sold outside the market, business, district and state so that the farmers get fair price for their produce, which is increasing the income of the farmers.


The grouping of fpc producers, especially small and marginal farmers, into producing organizations is one of the most effective ways to make it a very effective way to face many challenges related to agriculture and to improve investment technology and inputs and market access. emerged from Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India has identified the farmer producer organizations registered under the special provisions of the Companies Act 1956 as the most appropriate institutional form around which farmers will be organized and their production and marketing capacity collectively Their ability to benefit will be built


Promote and support member-owned producer organizations to create a sustainable agricultural sector that increases productivity through efficient cost-effective and sustainable resource utilization to farmers And through government-backed collective units and academics and research institutions, enabling meaningful production of civil society and the private sector to achieve returns for their production Providing assistance for promotion of such farmer producing organizations through qualified and experienced resource institutions Promoting possible democratic and autonomous farmer producer organizations from the economic point of view Removing the barriers faced by farmers in gaining market access through fpo both in the form of buyer and seller through fpo Providing technical knowledge, financial resources and basic facilities



Tamarind is a tree of total Fabaceae, its fruits are brown to reddish and are very sour in taste. Benefits of eating tamarind: - 1 tamarind has good vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, calcim, manganese, zinc. Consumption of 2 tamarinds opens the appetite 3 Use of tamarind helps in anemia 4 helps in losing weight 5 The fiber found in tamarind helps to reduce LDL cholesterol. 6 Reduces sun exposure

Cashew is a type of tree whose fruit is very popular for dry fruits. The export of cashew nuts is a big trade. It is made from cashew nuts. Benefits of eating cashew nut: - 1 cashew maintains energy in the body 2 cashew is a good source of protein Controls 3 cholesterol 4 skin glow rate 5 makes bones strong 6 cashew digestion can change


Kodo is a grain that is grown in short years and it is cultivated in different parts of Nepal and India. The den of Kodo is eaten as rice. Benefits of eating Kodo: - 1 Kodo is consumed daily by sugar control 2 weight remains in control 3 Kodos Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol 4 Kodo Rice Reduces Obesity 5 meets iron deficiency in the body


Kutki is also a grain, it is also produced in less rain. Kutki is called Kosra in Bastar. Benefits of eating Kotki: - 1 daily intake of guts keeps sugar under control 2 guts remain under control 3 masks help reduce bad cholesterol 4 guts rice reduces obesity 5 Gnat meets iron deficiency in body 6 easy to digest


Ragi is a thick grain food that is eaten in Asia and Africa. It is rich in many types of nutrients. Benefit of eating ragi: - Consumption of 1 ragi fulfills calcium deficiency 2 Ragi helps in the development of video 3 helps to lose weight 4 is helpful in reducing sugar in diabetes disease 5 Ragi is useful in curing anemia


Tikhur is a type of medicinal plant and many species of it are found worldwide. It is a plant of ginger family whose root is extracted as starch. Benefit of eating food: - It is useful in making 1 strong pudding and pudding etc. Jalebi and other sweets, sweet dishes, fruit and ice cream are also used in 2 foods. Drinking 3 strong starch in summer in syrup prevents cold effect due to cold effect. 4 By its use, ulcers and stomach disorders are removed.


Turmeric is a plant of the geninivancy family. Its botanical name is Kurkama Langa. It originated in Southeast Asia. Turmeric has been used in various forms since ancient times, as it has color-smelling and medicinal properties. Benefits of turmeric: - 1 which is mainly used as a spice. 2 Turmeric is also used as a color and medicine. 3 Detoxifies liver 4 Turmeric has antiinflammatory properties, which can improve the immune system. 5 Turmeric is also found to have anticancer properties


In our country, urad is mainly used for pulses, its pulses are highly nutritious. Benefits of Udad: - 1 Urad Dal contains good amount of fiber, magnesium and potassium which are very beneficial for our heart health. Urad Dal is considered a very beneficial diet for 2 bones that have a problem or possibility. 3 green beans are used to become vegetables

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